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dare to be b.a.d. 
Beautiful and Daring 
a novel about finding true love...


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Each chapter starts with a quote or a verse from women in hip hop ranging from Salt-N-Pepa to Wendy Williams to Kimora Lee Simmons to Queen Latifah to Foxy Brown.  Some are brilliant, some comedic, some ridiculous, but all are extremely relevant to the many sides of the daily life of the characters of dare and your life too, surprisingly... Check it out!


Quote or Verse Artist
“You know life is all about expression. You only live once, and you’re not coming back So express yourself, yeah.” --Salt N Pepa
"He loses because he never understood the game." --Sister Souljah
“Who you calling a bitch?” Queen Latifah
“I thought I was a chick you would make your wife And now a bitch can’t even stay the night? I can’t even look in your face without wanting to slap you.Damn. I thank God I ain’t get that tattoo --Trina
Must I say it again, I said it before Move out the way when I'm comin through the door Me, heavy? As Lyte as a Rock Guys watch, even some of girls clock.” -- MC Lyte
“The earrings I wear are called dolphins / Check the booty, yo its kinda soft and/ If you touch, you livin in a coffin; word to mother!” Yo Yo
“It's finally my turn to rock the mic/ Because my devastating beats I know you will like.” JJ Fad
"I got it hemmed. Mad methods to microphone mechanism /From Inner city curriculum / To cutting edge for heads / Like circumcisions in ya mental zone." Bahamadia
"Chickenhead envy is not a pretty thing." Joan Morgan
“It’s my beat.” Sweet T
"When a new friend asked the other day if I'd ever been in love, I said without hesitation, No.   Cuz you know? Fuck him. And his fucking mirrors and smoke. Does he deserve a place in my history?" Dream Hampton
“I have 'em coming back Knocking on my door like Jehovahs.” Charli Baltimore
“I pulls up in my stretch/ Let my homegirls flex/ My 9-8 close and closer they follow in my limo, /Laying CDs of when I used to HeeeHee.” Missy Elliot
“Her blackness is fine, the blackness of her skin / The blackness of her mind. / Her beauty cannot be measured / With standards of a colonized mind." Meshell Ndegecello
“I wear tight clothing and high heel shoes/ That doesn’t mean that I’m a prostitute.” En Vogue
“When I was in Harvard I smoked weed every day/ I cheated every test and snorted all the yay / I got a def posse, you got a bunch of dudes/ I’ll sit right down on your face and take a shit!” Natalie Portman 
"Some girls on the mic/ Rap like virgins and get real tight/ But I get loose with the rhymes I produce." Roxanne Shante
“I will beat a bitch’s ass.” --Kimora Lee Simmons
"You say you're proud to be black and then stand tall,/ But in the videos there ain't no sistas at all." BWP (Bitches With Problems)
“Style, when we want and we love when they hate us.”  Foxy Brown
“Don't need no hateration, holleratin' in this dance for me.” Mary J. Blige
“Whatchu waiting on?/ Feel me, feel me, feel me.” Alicia Keys
“If you wanna ride, it’s ok/ Keep in mind that I don’t have all day/ Gotta hurry up before the night slips away/ Dontcha, dontcha, dontcha know.” Lady May AKA Rhonda Robinson
"Me, the Rox, give up the box?So you can brag about it for the next six blocks?" The Real Roxanne
“I'm the queen of rap and there is none higher /All you slut bag whores should call me sire.” Remy Ma
“Bitches and niggas everyday are practicing to do my shit.  Bitches everyday are eying this number 1 spot.” Wendy Williams
“I used to be afraid of the dick/ Now I throw lips to the shit.” Lil' Kim
“I'll be there for you, if somebody hurts you, Even if that somebody is me.” Beyonce
“It’s sad to see how one weekend could be like damn.” Angie Martinez
"Keep a G on stash / No, I don’t mean cash."  Free AKA Marie Wright
“Love me or hate me? That is the question/ If you love me then thank you/ If you hate me then fuck you!” Lady Sovereign
“Now don't you understand, man, universal law/ What you throw out comes back to you, star./ Never underestimate those who you scar/ Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard.” Lauryn Hill
“I seen a rainbow yesterday/ But too many storms have come and gone/ Leavin' a trace of not one God-given ray/ Is it because my life is ten shades of grey?/ I pray all ten fade away./ Seldom praise Him for the sunny days.” Left Eye AKA Lisa Lopes, TLC
“The art of warfare is sprawled across these pages / Transforming bloodshed into beauty / And raising the phoenix of forbidden expression – The real war is in us.” M.I.A.

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