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Madame X was the steamiest place in town with the premiere of Abiola's Kiss & Tell Live, a sex stories reading and performance series hosted by popular author and VH1 and BET personality Abiola Abrams. The debut night of the new monthly series honored erotica queen Candida Royalle. Royalle regaled the audience with descriptions of her Natural Contours vibrator line and tales of her promiscuous 20s.

Readers included Demetria Lucas, Essence Magazine relationships editor and host of upcoming VH1 reality series Let's Talk About Pep, and author Anna David whom Liz Smith praised for "carving out a niche uncovering the seedy side of deluxe living". Host Abiola Abrams offered prizes to those who could name most of Tiger Woods' mistresses. The winner was former Village Voice columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel, host of In the Flesh series at Happy Endings, who was able to name a whopping 7 of Woods' lovers. Elin Nordegren would not have been amused.

Also in the house and on the Abiola at Madame X stage: Mo Beasley, the king of Urban Erotika, Sex Blogger Calendar creator Urban Gypsy, hot sex blogger Sugar Butch, and the blind date comedians Dave and Ethan.

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