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A book about friends-- read it with your friends!

Would Your Reading Group Like to Talk to Abiola?
Hey Gorgeous
Are you part of a reading group? Thinking of starting a book club or DARE TO BE group?
It's been so much fun meeting all of your reading groups across the country! I've been everywhere from malls to Barnes and Noble stores to Borders to WalMarts. So many dynamic readers out there-- women and men of all colors! In response to your demand, there is now fabulous Dare merchandise available for your groups.
I look forward to continuing to answer questions by email or schedule 30-minute conferences by speaker phone when your club or group is reading Dare!  Depending on my schedule, I might even be able to speak to your group in person. Please fill out the BOOK CLUB FORM BELOW  to let me know.  You can also meet me on tour or watch Dare related videos here.  Thanks so much for your interest in my work! 



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(reading group request form below)

1.      What would you say Dare is about?

2.      What was your favorite part of Maya's crazy adventure in Hollyhood?

3.      Which character(s) do you most identify with?

4.      Talk about the concept of one true love. Do you believe that there is indeed only one true love for everyone?

5.      Discuss the psychological themes of Dare.

6.      What does the novel say about ideas of family?

7.      What do you think of the fashion & commercialism in the story?

8.      What does the story say about entertainment and pop culture?

9.      What does this book say about fame? Popularity?

10. What does the novel say about truth and reality?

11. Did you actually use any of the inspirational chapters that divide the story into sections?

12. What does Dare say about identity?  How did characters grow and change, if at all?

13. Did your opinions of any characters change during the story?

14. Are their any villains in this story?

15. What are your favorite moments?

16. What did you think of the poetry and song lyrics in the novel?

17. The author does not consider this a hip hop story but a human story.  Do you agree? Disagree?

18. What does the story say about happiness?

19. What fairy tale themes do you find in the novel?

20. What Biblical themes are in Dare?

21. The author wanted to do a version of The Wizard of Oz?  What parallels do you find?

22. Faust is a popular German legend about a scholar who makes a deal with the devil and succumbs to a life of temptation.  Dare is a retelling of the story. How did temptation play a part in Dare?

23. How does Abiola Abrams use language and imagery to bring the characters and story to life?

24. Did the book's characters or style remind you of any other books?

25. Does this book have a message? Or touch your life in any way?


OR learn how to start a reading group if you don't already have one.

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