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Roxanna Floyd
Celebrity Makeup Artist
Roxanna Floyd gets the Abiola Abrams interview!

A Tribute

Roxanna Floyd shows how to get Whitney Houston's Makeup look

How to get Whitney Houston's make up look. 
by Roxanna Floyd

Say what you will about the diva known as Whitney Houston - and we do - but when girlfriend is on point her look is banging. I sat down earlier this year for BET with Whit's makeup artist Roxanna Floyd of Fashion Fair Cosmetics to find out how she does it.


I can't believe that Roxanna Floyd died.
Roxanna Floyd was a beautiful spirit. Her business was beauty but she was also in the business of encouragement and empowerment. I met her on a hot summer's day, just off of the sweaty streets of New York City, not exactly how you want to meet a woman who has beat the faces of the most gorgeous women in the world. She was gracious, kind and the verve that she had for her work should inspire us all to do better at our chosen professions. Actually beauty was not just Roxanna Floyd's profession, but her passion, and she will be sorely missed. 

Roxanna Floyd Photo Gallery

 Photographer, Christine Chambers

AOL BV Article on Roxanna Floyd's Untimely Death

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